Demetrius and the Gladiators

Don't lie to me!
l've heard who put them up to it.

There isn't a man in Rome who'd dare.
Butyou'd dare, Messalina.

You'd dare anything. Deny it!
- Deny it, l said!
- Sire, l didn't!

l'll give you witnesses to your treachery.
You, you'll swear she's guilty.

- Yes, sire.
- And you! And you! And you!

You hear?
l deny nothing, sire. But what l said
was falsely reported to you.

Do you deny saying that l aspire to be a god?
l said you are a god.
lsis herself revealed it to me in the temple.
That l'm a god?
She said the gods themselves
look upon you as one of them.

l spoke of this wonder in the court, but
your faithful courtiers laughed in my face,...

- ..the same who have accused me.
- ls this true?

- ls it true?
- (all) No, sire.

Liars! Traitors!
So, you deny that l am a god.
l'll hang your heads in the Senate House!
l'll have you torn to pieces!

Kneel to your god!
Some wine. There on the table.
Now you've seen it. Now you know.
Do you wonder that l behave as l do?
That we're all a little mad here?

Many innocent people
know what it is to be accused.

lnnocent? Who said l was innocent?
Caligula was right.
l put those two up to it and they bungled it.

Oh, if l were a man... lf l were Claudius,
l'd have killed Caligula long ago.

l'd have won the guards to my side
and taken the empire for my own.

But he's no better than the rest of them.
Where was he tonight when l needed him?
l had only my wits to save me.

And not for the first time.
l don't want another night like this.