Dial M for Murder

Let me get you another drink.
Mark, before Tony comes,
I ought to explain something.

Yes, I've been waiting for that.
I haven't told him anything about us.
That's not surprising.
It's a tough thing to do.

When you telephoned this morning,
I simply said you wrote crime stories.

And I'd met you once
when you were here before.

That has a pretty guilty ring to it.
I'd never use it in one of my stories.

Mark, I know you think it's silly.
When you get to know Tony,
you'll understand why I said that.

Darling, I understand now.
That doesn't stop me from loving you.

It's not as simple as that.
-Tony's changed.

He's a completely different person
to the one I used to tell you about.

Really?. When did all this happen?.
That night I came to say goodbye.
When I left your apartment,
I came back here.

I sat down on the sofa
and had a good cry.

And then I fell asleep.
When I woke up...
...there was Tony standing in the hall
with his bags and tennis rackets.

He just said he decided to give up tennis
and settle down to a job.

-Just like that?.
-Just like that.

Of course, I didn't believe him at first,
but he meant it, all right.

But he's been wonderful ever since.
I suppose that's when
you stopped writing me.

Margot, is it?.
Do you remember the letters
you wrote to me?.

Yes, I remember.
After I read them, I burned them.
I thought it best.

All except one.
You probably know
the one I mean.

Yes, I think I do.
What about it?.