Doctor in the House

- What is it?
- The Student's Friend.

- Fits easily into the pocket.
- Put it with the others.

You won't regret that.
I must give you copy of this.

Yes, and I also want a skeleton.
Naturally. One can't get anywhere
without a skeleton.

Would you like the ordinary skeleton
or the de luxe with hands and feet?

- I think the ordinary one will do.
- Very well.

I'm not sure
but this one might suit me better.

No, sir. This has the most perfect
pelvis of any skeleton I've seen.

Ripe tomatoes!
Two bobs a pineapple!

Hurry along there.
Now, come on. Hurry along.

Hold tight, please.
Grim, I've gone a bit wrong.
Can I look at yours?

Jolly colour, isn't it?
Like crème de menthe.

I'd like a waistcoat like that.
- Is that the colour it should be?
- I'm afraid so.

If I go on like this,
I'll pass the exam.

- Don't you want to?
- Heaven forbid. I must muck this up.

Let's see. What have we got here?
A spot of this.

Now a drop of what you fancy.