Doctor in the House

- Do you think I will make a doctor?
- Yes, I do.

Well, you're a jolly good nurse.
In this case, anyway.

- Hey, guv.
- Oh, Briggs.

I'm terribly sorry.
- Were you looking for someone?
- Er, yes, I was, actually.

- Right.
- Nurse!

Yes, Mr Briggs, what is it?
Just a minute, Mr Lodge.

Nurse, he says that I've been
written up for the wrong medicine.

Does he? I'd better see
your prescription sheet.

- That seems perfectly all right.
- What time does it say to take it?

- Six o'clock.
- Six o'clock.

Any trouble here, Nurse?
No, Sister. Mr Sparrow was just
discussing a forthcoming operation.

- You'd better go back to Mr Lodge.
- Yes, Sister.

And to those of you
who are now entering your fifth

and, let us hope,
final year of your training,

I would remark that if you are to
master the subjects in the syllabus -

anaesthetics, paediatrics,
obstetrics and gynaecology,

ear, nose and throat and so on...
If you are to qualify
in your final examinations,

you will have to use all your powers
of concentration
and clear-mindedness. Mmm.