Elephant Walk

"and she was preparing to close her little
shop in Shillingworth-on-Thames. "

I know you're in a hurry to close. I can't
take this if it's got an unhappy ending.

I don't think authors should write unhappy
endings after all we've been through.

What with the air raids and buzz bombs
and things.

Now let me see. Just a quick look.
I knew it. She dies.
Take it, dear. Much as I'd love it,
I just couldn't. What about these two?

Do you think they're all right?
Have you read this one?

Hello. I'm sorry.
Am I too early? I mean, too late to...
I'd like to change a book.

If you try to be quick in deciding.
We're actually closed.

I won't be a minute. Lovely day.