Elephant Walk

Master, Mr. Carver requests
your presence in the factory.

All right, Appuhamy.
Appuhamy, tell the groom boys
to have my horse at the door.

Yes, master.
Carver's my assistant. He's a nice chap.
You'll meet him tonight.

Is there going to be a party?
No, just the usual Saturday night crowd.
Friends and neighbors.

- Here you are. I hope you like it.
- It's beautiful.

The Governor built it as a bridal chamber
before he went to England to meet Mother.

- Before he met her?
- Yes.

He thought it was time to have an heir,
so he went to England to find a wife.

He must have expected a very large wife.
The horse is saddled, master.
- Do you mind if I go down to the factory?
- I may get lost.

I'll find you again.
Appuhamy looks after you from now on.

Is there anything mistress wishes?
No, nothing. Thank you, Appuhamy.
I hope you will be very happy
at Elephant Walk, mistress.

Thank you.
That's a beautiful comb you're wearing.
It is the comb of caste, mistress.
It is to signify that those who wear it
are not bearers.

I have a great deal to learn, Appuhamy.
Will you help me?

Mr. Wiley's mother,
is she buried there also?

In England, mistress.
She did not like it here.