Elephant Walk

Look here. Elephant tracks all over.
Here. There. Ruined tea fields all over.
They sure did a good job
of ruining this field.

Hello, Ruth.
The elephants got in here last night
and trampled a few hundred young plants.

- You can see how much you were needed.
- John know I'm back yet?

Appuhamy told him first thing this morning.
He's very grateful.

He should be.
I was halfway up the gangplank.

- Are you coming up to the house later?
- As soon as I get cleared away here.

When you speak to John,
would you do me a favor?

Don't tell him I sent for you.
Let him think it was your idea,
that you heard about the accident and came.

Dick Carver to the rescue?
Okay, Ruth. I understand.

Thank you, Dick.
- I'll see you at the bungalow.
- My regards to the patient.

- Come on, boys. What's holding us up?
- Need more men. Not enough.

Get them.
- Patrols were on the job, John.
- What were they doing?

Relax, man.
You couldn't check on them from your bed.

They've all been alerted.
They'll stay that way.

What am I, a blasted contortionist?
What do we do about the young plants
before the monsoons?

We put back more than a third this morning.
We stopped the pickers
and put them to planting.

You stopped the pickers?
It makes sense.
Nothing much to pick anyway, till the rains.

Everything's drying up.
There's been a rule here for 50 years.
Pick while there's flush to pick.

Weather and elephants don't change it.
You put those pickers back to work.
Okay, John.
You're giving the orders.
- What's this?
- Your lunch. Cold chicken and fruit salad.

The menu said roast pork.
I thought it was too heavy for you
in this weather.