Garden of Evil

- Captain, what's this town called?
- Puerto Miguel.

- Is it alive?
- It's asleep.

When the sun falls people
will get up. They call it a siesta.

Do we have to siesta here
for 4 weeks?

4, 5, 6...
- Take that long to fix an engine?
- Not me. The engineer.

I didn't make the steamboat,
I just operate one.

- Captain, wait!
- Every mother's son

is picking up gold by the fistful
in California

and I'm marooned in a Mexican village
called Pu...

- What did he call it?
- Puerto Miguel.

Puerto Miguel.
- But what can we do about it?
- Nothing.

- They must have some alcohol.
- I think so.

There we are.
It's a funny thing.
I know everybody on board except you.
I don't know anything about you.

- Your called Hooker and that's it.
- That's it.

That kid thinks he knows you
from Texas, but he can't remember.

Then it couldn't have been much.
And even if it was,
it wouldn't be any of my business.

I can't see how.
Being a professional gambler,
I like to know the people I meet

because I might play them sometime.
That's what makes me so inquisitive.
- That's natural.
- I'm also a kind of poet

and all kinds of people
interest me.

- That makes sense.
- I see what I can get out of them,

either their money
or their character, or both.

You've heard of "getting blood
out of a stone", haven't you?