Garden of Evil

Isn't there another way
we could go back?

- Not that I know of.
- Great.

How did you find this place?
With a map from an old priest
in Sacramento.

- He warned us against it.
- What did he come here for?

For God.
A better reason that ours,
isn't it?

Vicente's marking the trail.
Do you think
he'll want to come back?

He just might want
to get back from this one.

How did you happen to be
in Puerto Miguel?

We came around the Horn
headed for the gold fields.

The ship broke down
and we headed into the port.

- You came together?
- No.

- So, you don't know each other?
- No better than you do.

Look at her.
Taking 4 men like us
to a mountain of gold.

- She took what there was.
- That's true.

The barrel was empty,
she scrapped the bottom.