Garden of Evil

Not you, Daly. Me.
I got a better reason.

You telling me what to do?
- Just this once.
- Just once, Hooker.

Nobody ever tells me
what to do.

All right.
This time I'm asking you.

I don't think I like him.
I don't think I like any part of him.
You understand?

- There's nothing more simple.
- And I'm not sure if I like you.

I'm talking.
Don't turn your back on me.

You're right. A man should never
turn his back on you.

Not if he cared for his life.
But I'm a peculiar man.
I don't care.

You followed me,
didn't you?

If you want to know
where you're going, ask me.

You can tell the others too.
Tell them, that without me
they're nowhere, they're lost.

And when you're lost in this country,
you're dead.