Garden of Evil

I'm with you, Leah.
I know what's going on,
but I'm not with them.

It ain't the money with me,
it's you, you know that?

Take your hands off me.
You animal!
You scum!
Go to bed. We got enough trouble
without your problems. That's all.

- Is it? Is that all?
- You heard me.

What if I say it ain't all?
What if I say it ain't?

- Say what you want.
- All right. I'll say something.

Yeah, I think I'll say something.
I've had a gutful of you,

And I'll say it
the way I talk the best.

- Put that way, Daly.
- I've killed men like you before.

Yeah. I know about you.
You killed them
for rewards on their head

when nothing could be done
except give you the cash.

You shot them at tables
or in their beds.

Wherever their eyes were shut
or their backs turned.

I know about you.