Garden of Evil

You just didn't understand it.
There's only one thing in her head.
That man out there.

Nothing else.
Now you know.

- Why didn't you kill me?
- I need you.

You don't need anybody, Hooker.
You don't need any of us.

I will.
We'll all need each other.
Come on, now.
Get to bed.

You got everything fixed now?
It'll hold for a while.
You see how it is? Now she's got
you fighting for her honour.

She's got you going unharmed against
a man she turned into an idiot.

- A boy.
- It was very heroic.

I admired you enormously.
I'm sure she did, too.

Some day, like Salome,
she'll have you bringing her
the head of Vicente in a frying pan.

- Or yours.
- No, not mine, Hooker.