Garden of Evil

They're robbing you.
- Did you think they wouldn't?
- No.

When do you get yours?
Or is it yours already?

In a little while
it won't be anybody's.

- Why do you say that?
- We've got company.

Up there in the hills.
- Do the others know?
- They don't know anything.

They just want to get rich
before they die.

Let's go, partner.
- Can you guide them back?
- I'd just go with the sun.

Then get out of here tonight.
I'll build a fire
and move around.

It'll fool them long enough
to get a head start.

- And Fuller?
- You take him with you.

I thought you hated each other.
I don't hate him.
- He's trying hard to hate you.
- I know it.

You took him too far.
You took him over his head.

You made a coward of him
and he hates you for it.

It could happen to any man
with a woman like you.

- Any man?
- Well, almost.

There's gold in that shack.
Everything that's been taken out.

It's yours. I'll show you
where it is. You can have it

if you take him with you.
I'll tell them.