It Should Happen to You

Every time I see it,
I get a bigger one than last time. Boot.

- Would you drive around once more?
- A pleasure.

If you knew what it means to me...
:27:39 it makes me feel and all...
If you knew,
you wouldn't ask me for it.

Not even for your own soap.
- I have another idea.
- Like?

- Well, l...
- Once more?

- What?
- Around once more.

But just once more.
I'm getting a little hungry.

What's food?
Now, what I had in mind was this...
...that we share the sign.
Then we'd all be happy.

I'm happy now.
When you think that last week
I was nobody...

...and this week I've got my name
on that big sign...

...and dancing in a place like this
where everybody's somebody.

- You said something up at the office.
- Yeah.

- Something about 73 days more?
- From tomorrow, 72.

Now, my idea is this.
If you split the space with us,
you could be up there for six months.