It Should Happen to You

- In fact, we may end up talking...
- What about?

- What do you think?
- Why not now?

Because this is important.
And I've got to wait till
I'm sure...

...that your ears and eyes
and your everything...

...are just a little more ready to...

- Gladys Glover.
- Yeah?

Gladys Glover.
Gladys Glover.
Gladys Glover.
Mean anything to you?
He's talking about me.
Well, it's the subject for your
Manhattan Nightcap for tonight.

New Yorkers are speculating
as to the answer...

... to one of the most unimportant
questions of the day.

Namely, who or what
is Gladys Glover?

Did you hear that?
Signs bearing this mysterious name
are appearing all over our town.

But it's this department's guess
that Gladys Glover...

... is a second cousin
to the famous Kilroy.

That's 30 for tonight, friends.
See you tomorrow.

- Good show tonight, Brod.
- Naturally, thanks.

Telephone, Brod.
Yeah? Speaking.
Who? Oh, can it.
Who is this?

It is?
Gladys Glover in person.
Well, insulting in what way?
Well, now, you can't blame folks
for wondering, now, can you?

Say, where are you anyway,
and how long you gonna be there?

No, I just wanted to get the rest
of the story.