On the Waterfront

Joe Doyle!
All right! What do you want?
I got one of your birds.
I recognised him by the band.
lt must be Danny-boy.
I lost him in the last race.

He flew into my coop.
-You want him?
-I got to watch myself these days.

You know what I mean?
Don't worry.
-I'll take him up to your loft.
-Okay, I'll see you on the roof.

How goes?
He's up on the roof.
The pigeon?
Yeah, it worked.
I think somebody fell off the roof.
He thought he'd sing
to the Crime Commission. He won't.

I thought they'd talk to him.
That's the idea.
I thought they'd talk to him
and get him to dummy up.

Maybe he gave them an argument.
I figured the worst they was gonna do
was lean on him a little bit.

Maybe he gave them an argument.
He's been giving Johnny the Boss
a lot of arguments lately.

He wasn't a bad kid, that Joey.
A canary.
Maybe he could sing, but he couldn't fly.
Come on, I'll buy you a drink.