On the Waterfront

Why don't you and your girlfriend take off.
All right, Mr. Malloy!
You've every right not to talk
if that's what you choose to do.

-The public has a right to know the facts.

We'll be seeing you again.
Never's going to be too much soon
for me, Shorty.

Take it easy.
How do you like them mutts
taking me for a pigeon.

-Who is it?
-I don't know who they are.

You're three weeks behind on the last $25,
but I'm willing to take a chance.

Some chance at ten percent a week
and if we don't borrow, we don't work.

May you rot in hell, JP.
When I'm dead and gone,
you'll know what a friend I was.

Why don't you drop dead now,
so we can test your theory?

Hey, Pop, look.
Let her go, Tony.
I guess I spoke out of turn last night.
You think I'm just a gravy-train rider
with a turned-around collar, don't you?

I see the sisters taught you not to lie.
All right. Loft gang: Malloy...
...Hendriks, Padowski...
...Westerfield, McGuier.
I've been thinking about your question,
and you're right, Edie.

This is my parish.
I don't know how much I can do,
but I'll never find out...

...unless I come down here
and take a good look for myself.

I need some extra banana carriers.
Bananas again.
I wonder when we'll get a boat from
lreland with good lrish whiskey on it.

Dugan, my boy, you're dreaming again.