On the Waterfront

All right. Kelly. Richie.
Yeah, you.
What's the matter?
Nobody want to work today?

Yeah, you.
Who do you see to get
a day's pay around here?


Come here.
Hey, Terry, grab that one!
Give me that.
Get away!
-Give it to me!

Give it to me!
What makes you so special?
Things are looking up on the dock.
Don't you recognise her?
That's Joey Doyle's sister.

Give me that.
-You're Joey Doyle's sister?
-Yes, I am.

You don't wanna go to work today anyhow.
lt's been nice wrestling with you.
Pop. Here's your tab, take it.
All right, give it to me. I can use it.
Now get back to the sisters
where you belong.

I'm surprised at you, Father,
if you don't mind my saying so.

Letting her see things ain't fit
for the eyes of a decent girl.

All right, that's all. Come back tomorrow.