On the Waterfront

And that question is:
Who killed Joey Doyle?

Not one of you has a line
on who killed Joey Doyle?

I have a hunch all of you
could tell us something about it.

All right, then answer this one:
How can we call ourselves Christians and
protect these murderers with our silence?

Jimmy Collins, you were Joey's best friend.
How can you just sit there
and not say anything?

I'll always think of him as my best friend,
but what do you want me to--

Who asked him in here?
I'm trying to find out
what happened to Joey Doyle.

-Maybe you can be helpful.

The brother of Charley the Gent?
They'll help us get to the bottom
of the river.

You better leave Charley out of this.
-You don't think he'd be helpful?
-Why don't you ask him yourself?

-Maybe I will one of these days.
-One of these days.

Now, listen, you know who the pistols are.
Are you going to keep still
until they cut you down one by one?

Are you?
Dugan! How about you? Are you?
One thing you have to understand,
Father, on the dock...

...we've always been D and D.
-D and D? What's that?
-Deaf and dumb.

No matter how much
we hate the torpedoes, we don't rat.

Rat? Now boys, get smart.
I know you're getting pushed around,
but there's one thing...

...we have in this country,
and that's ways of fighting back.

Getting the facts to the public.
Testifying for what is right against
what is wrong.

What's ratting to them is telling the truth
for you, can't you see that?

Can't you see that?