On the Waterfront

lt seems to me we've gone just about
as far as we can at this time.

I think you'll agree with that, Father.
So, I'd like to close with a few words
from St. Matthew:

''Come unto me all you--''
What did I tell you
about sticking your neck out.

-This is a police problem, not ours.
-These people need help.

Okay. Only don't blame me when
they ship you off to Abyssinia.

I won't.
You better go home in pairs.
Twos is two, you know.

Come on.
What's happened to Pop?
He's all right.
He's an old man, they won't hurt him.

Get out, you!
Are you all right?
Yeah, considering they were using
my head for a baseball.

You still D and D?
Do you still call it ratting?

-Are you on the level?
-What do you think?

lf I stick my neck out and it's chopped off,
is that the end?

-Or will you go all the way?
-Down the line.

They'll put muscle on you, too,
turned-around collar or not.

Wipe your face. Listen, you stand up
and I'll stand up with you.