On the Waterfront

-Right down the wire?
-So help me God.

I think we're okay.
Steel pipes and baseball bats.
They play pretty rough around here.
I can make it home now all right.
Which side are you with?
Me? I'm with me, Terry.
You got a dime for a cup of coffee?
Go on, beat it, will you?
A little dime you don't need?
I know you. You're Edie Doyle.
Come on. Beat it.
Your brother was a saint, the only one
who ever tried to get me compensation.

You remember, Terry.
You was there that night.
Here's some change.
Go have yourself a ball.

You don't buy me. You're still a bum.
So long, Edie.
Lord have mercy on Joey.
Who's calling me a bum?
Everybody loved Joey.
From little kids to the old rummies.
Did you know him very well?
You know, he got around.
What did that man mean just now?
Don't pay no attention to him.
He's drunk, he's falling down. Everything.

He's a juicehead
that hangs around the neighbourhood.

Don't pay no attention.
I better go now.
You don't have to be afraid of me.
I'm not going to bite you.

I guess they don't let you walk
with fellas where you've been?

You know how the sisters are.
-Are you training to be a nun?
-lt's just a regular college.

lt's run by the Sisters of St. Anne.
Where is that?
ln Tarrytown.
-Where's that?
-ln the country.

I don't like the country.
The crickets make me nervous.