On the Waterfront

How often do you get in here?
I haven't been here since last Christmas.
We were going to have
a Thanksgiving party.

That's nice.
What do you do up there? Just study?
I want to be a teacher.
Teacher? That's very good.
Personally, I admire brains.
My brother Charley is a very brainy guy.
He had a couple of years of college.

lt isn't just brains. lt's how you use them.
Yeah, I get your thought.
You know, I've seen you
a lot of times before.

Do you remember parochial school
out on Puluski Street?

Seven, eight years ago?
-Your hair, you had your hair....

Looked like a hunk of rope.
You had wires on your teeth and glasses.

You was really a mess.
I can get home all right now, thanks.
Don't get sore.
I was just kidding you a little bit.

I just mean to tell you that you're,
you grew up very nice.

You don't remember me, do you?
I remembered you
the first moment I saw you.

By the nose, huh?
Some people just got faces that
stick in your mind.

I remember you were in trouble
all the time.

Now you got me.
The way those sisters used to whack me,
I don't know what.

They thought they was going to beat
an education into me, but I foxed them.

Maybe they just didn't know how
to handle you.

How would you have done it?
With a little more patience and kindness.
That's what makes people
mean and difficult.

People don't care enough about them.