On the Waterfront

Are you kidding me?
I'd better get you home.
There's too many guys around here
with only one thing on their mind.

Am I going to see you again?
What for?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Come on.
You're all packed. Here's your bus ticket
and you're on your way back to St. Anne's.

I'm not ready to go back yet, Pop.
Edie, for years your mom and me
put quarters in the cookie jar...

...to keep you up there with the sisters...
...and keep you from things like
I've just seen outside the window.

A daughter of mine walking arm in arm
with Terry Malloy.

-Do you know who Terry Malloy is?
-Who is he, Pop?

He's the kid brother of Charley the Gent...
...who is Johnny Friendly's right hand
and a butcher in a camel hair coat.

Are you trying to tell me Terry is, too?
He tries to act tough...
...but there's a look in his eye.
Yeah, a look in his eye.
Hold your hats, brothers, here we go again.

You think he's one of them cases
you're always dragging into the house...

...and feeling sorry for...
...like that litter of kittens you brought in.
The only one you wanted to keep
had six toes and was cockeyed to boot.

Look at him. The little bum.
He said he wants to see me again.