On the Waterfront

What's the matter with you?
Help me if you can for God's sake.
Edie, I'd like to help.
I'd like to help,
but there's nothing I can do.

All right.
I shouldn't have asked you.
Edie, come on. Have a little beer.
Come on.
I don't want it.
You just stay here and finish your drink.
Don't go. I've got my whole life to drink.
Are you sore at me?
What for?
I don't know, for not being no help to you.
You would if you could.
Here I come.
Pick a winner.
First I got to kiss the bride.
Go on, you've kissed her before!
You can get out that way.
You want me to take you?

-Come on. What's going on here?
-Give me a cigarette.

You've got to stop smoking so much.