On the Waterfront

Who was he?
You got to quit trying to find out
about Joey. lt ain't safe.

I'm telling you it ain't safe.
Mr. Malloy, I was hoping
I might find you here.

Excuse me, Miss.
You're being served with a subpoena,
Mr. Malloy.

Be at the State House, Courtroom 9,
10:00 Friday morning.

I told you I don't know nothing about that.
You can bring a lawyer if you wish.
You're privileged under the constitution
to protect yourself...

...against questions which might
implicate you in any crimes.

You know what they're asking me to do?
All we want you to do, Mr. Malloy,
is tell the truth.

Goodnight, kid. Nice wedding.
What are you going to do?
I ain't going to eat cheese
for no cop and that's for sure.

lt was Johnny Friendly
who had Joey killed, wasn't it?

He had him killed or
he had something to do with it, didn't he?

He and your big brother Charley?
You can't tell me, can you,
because you're a part of it.

Because you're just as bad as
the worst of them. Tell me the truth.

You better go back to that school
out in daisyland.

You're driving yourself nuts,
you're driving me nuts.

Quit worrying about the truth all the time.
Worry about yourself.

I should've known you wouldn't tell me.
Pop said Johnny Friendly used to own you.
I think he still owns you.

No wonder everybody calls you a bum.
Don't say that to me, Edie,
don't say that to me now.

No wonder.
I'm only trying to help you out.
I'm trying to keep you from getting hurt.
What more do you want me to do?

-Much more.
-Wait a minute.

Much, much, much more.
Where are you going?