River of No Return

- Good evening, padre.
- Good evening.

Who's in charge of all this?
The padre'd say the devil.
What about this trading post?
The devil got that too?

No, l still got this.
l'm looking for a boy. About nine?
He was to be delivered here
by a man named Martin.

- You seen him?
- They were here.

Were or are?
l understand the man took off for the hills
almost as soon as they pulled in.

What about the boy?
He's probably walkin' around here, lost.
Well, if he comes in,
would you hold onto him for me?

- What's his name?
- The name is Mark Calder.

- How old did you say?
- Nine.

What's your name?
l'm not lost.
(raucous laughter)
One silver dollar
Bright silver dollar
Changing hands
Changing hands
Endlessly rollin'
Wasted and stolen
Changing hands
Changing hands
Spent for a beer he's drinking