River of No Return

Did you?
l told you, honey. l got lucky, that's all. Just
lucky. Now, look. We gotta get outta here.

l ransacked the town and there isn't
a horse to be had for the crown jewels.

But l got another idea. We can buy a raft
and go to Council City on the river.

- You got any money?
- Well, l have a little.

All right. Come on! Come up with it.
10, 20...
All you want is my money.
ls it?
We'll plant the field and hunt and fish.
How does that sound?

- Justyou and me?
- That's all.

- Fine. Sounds fine.
- We'll make out all right.

l'll teach you to fish and trap.
You'll be as good as the best of'em.

- And teach me to shoot?
- Yeah, and shoot too.

- What are they doin'?
- They're just comin' to look around the town.

- They don't like what they see.
- Will they make a war?

No, they're just hunting. When they
make a war, they paint their faces.

Then you knowthey're hunting you.
Come on, boy. Giddap! Giddap! Hey.
You can't just go through
everything in the world, boy.

Sometimes you have to back up
and go around.