River of No Return

Saddle the horse.
Harry, we don't have to do this.
lt's just a few days.

- lt doesn't matter that much.
- Yes, it does.

Four or five days might not
make any difference to a farmer,

but they do to me.
l'm not stealin' anything.
l'm just borrowin' it.

You'll get paid plenty for the faith.
A fistful of money in the hand's as good
as a fistful of wheat in the ground.

(Mark) Matt! Matt!
- (Kay) Look out, Mark, the gun!
- (gunshot)

Matt! Matt!
- Come on, let's get outta here.
- You've killed my dad!

- He'll be all right. Get some water.
- Come on!

- We can't leave him like this. He's hurt.
- He didn't have to be.

He didn't have to get us off the raft either.
- l think l'll wait here for you, Harry.
- What do you mean, ''wait''?

l mean what l said. l can't leave them
like this. l can't leave the boy.

You'll get to Council City twice
as fast without me, won'tyou?

Yeah. Yeah, l guess so.
Then you can have the claim filed
and be back here all the sooner.

You go ahead, Harry. l'll wait here.
You won't take long, will you?
Not with you here. You knowthat.