Shichinin no samurai

Negotiate with them. Depend on
who you do your dealing with

They're worse than wolves.
If you give your legs!

Next they ask for your arms!
They know no limit
They'd come again in the fall!
But if we lose... Huh?
So we lose!
Without the crop, we'll die, anyway
We'll fight!
That's too reckless!
We're farmers.
We don't know how to fight

We'll hire samurai!
Hire samurai?
Never heard of such a thing!

I saw it with my own eyes
When your native village was burned
As I was escaping to this village,
I saw...

one village unburned.
It had hired samurai

But Grandad, there are many
different kinds of villages

We're eating gruel.
How do we feed samurai?

We could eat millet!
But will samurai fight for us,
just for food?

They're awfully proud!