You heard him, Jud.
A half million dollars, huh?

Yeah, that's a lot of scratch, sheriff.
A man could retire on that amount.

- How do you know it will ever be paid?
- Half of it's been paid.

- And the rest?
- I'll get it.

I wouldn't be sure. It's not just
a man; it's the President.

That's what's so funny.
The laugh is on the guys
who're paying the freight.

All this loot and they don't
even know what they're doing.

Half a million clams for absolutely
nothing, because tonight at 5pm,

I kill the president and at 5:01
there's a new president.

What changes? Nothing.
What are they paying for? Nothing.

Otherwise I wouldn't have
taken the job, sheriff.

You'd have taken it.
You think so?
- Yeah.
- Why?

Alright, take it easy.
Come on, lady.

Do as you're told
and everything will be fine.

Answer straight,
clean and plain. Answer it.

Mrs Benson,
let me speak to the chief.

Yeah, train's on time,
the car will be waiting in front of the
station like you figured, facing you.

Fine, get back as soon as you can
and don't be followed.