Touchez pas au grisbi

Look at this, Max.
Still no news of the gold bars
stolen last month at Orly

Come along. You'll enjoy it.
Isn't that so, Riton?
It's a first class show.
It's really quite good, Max.
You tell him, Riton!
You must come, Max.
Lola in the 2nd number
will be a riot.

Oh yes, I know...
Where are you going?
I'm going to play my tune.
You wanted to eat it.
And it's magnificent.
They're charming.
Do we get any service?
- We want to eat.
- Sorry, no more room.

- And those tables...
- Reserved.

We'll have a drink
while we are waiting.

Better go across the road.
They do you well.

Just over there, see?
You'll be well looked after.
Fools are two a penny this year.
You've got the right idea, kid.
If I served everybody, there'd be
no room for you. Now we're quiet.

The ladies were dying
for a piece of moka.