Touchez pas au grisbi

I was closing.
You were nearly turned out.
- You've eaten?
- No, I'm not hungry.

Hello, kid.
Sit down.
Give him a fork, Bouche.
Have this piece of cake.
We leave enough money here.

What'll you drink?
Give him a coffee.
Well, Max, are you coming to clap?
If you don't like it,
you can always go away...

You don't have to stay.
Well, I'll come along with you, anyhow...
I'll bring Marco.
That'll be company for you.
Seeing the girls
will buck you up a bit.

What's the matter?
Owe money here?
Yes, 9,000.
Don't worry, I'll see to it.
No reason why you should.
Put that to Marco's account.
Make out my bill.
Had enough?
We'll be late.
Already are.
I'll open the door for you.
A good meal, Madam Bouche.
Glad you liked it.
For once I've made you a compliment...
You've 11,000 credit here.
I can't thank you enough.