Touchez pas au grisbi

He wanted to take you to a quiet spot
and work you over...

till you spilt the beans.
And to make sure,
he wanted to get me too.

I'll deal with Angelo.
Listen, sucker,
you are going to drop them...

That's my business, it seems.
You're gonna leave me in peace.
That job was my last.
It was done and that was that.

I'd been waiting for it.
I've been fed up
with our whole business for a long time.

I want to retire, you understand.
I know, Max...
Just look at your mug a bit.
Look at the bags under your eyes...
and that, and that.
Think it's pretty, eh?

No, chum, get a hold of yourself.
You exaggerate.
No, I'm not exaggerating at all.
Poor old Riton.
I'll tell you what we'll do.
Tomorrow, we'll change all that
into good banknotes.

I'd like to have waited a bit,
but you've been so clever...

What about Angelo?
We'll leave him Josy.
That'll do you good.

Not eating?
Right then, we'll hit the hay...