Vera Cruz

l just don't see how the South lost.

Hear tell some boys
from the States is here.

Trouble draws 'em like hogs to swill!
The boys is here, all right!
Let me go!
Little Bit,
you gonna put your brand on her?

Ride her, cowboy!
Hooray for the papaya lady!
All right, Papayas. l'll take you.
Slow down, Little Bit.
Man's just tryin' to keep you alive.

- Easy, friend, easy. That's Ben Trane.
- That supposed to mean somethin'?

He stole Joe Erin's horse and lived to tell.
Thank you, seƱor.
Thought your soft spot
was only for horses.

Boys, there's a war goin' on down here.
Be a shame if fine men like us
weren't on the same side.

Anybody wanna ride along with me?
We're doin' just fine on our own.
We're here to dicker with General
Ramirez, big chief of the rebels.

- How much does he pay?
- l figure that's 'tween me and him.

Kind of exclusive, ain't you, Charlie?