Vera Cruz

permit me to welcome you to Mexico.

- You the mayor?
- l'm the Marquis de Labordere.

Aide to His lmperial Majesty Maximilian,
Emperor of Mexico.

You are Monsieur Joe Erin?
- You know me?
- lndeed. The American police account

of your exploits was so inspiring
l was compelled to seek you out.

Hear that, Ben?
l offer you a commission
in the service of His Majesty.

You and your men could be
of profitable service to the emperor.

- How profitable?
- Yeah. That's what l wanna know.

His Majesty is extremely generous.
How many men have you?
- 1 7.
- Add pretty fast, don't you, Joe?

Anything wrong with the count?
You're dickering with the wrong feller.
Those eight men are mine.
Those seven are his.

lf we come in... l run the show.
l string with Charlie.
Anybody else string with Charlie?
Bravo! lt is an honour
to know you, Monsieur Erin.

The honour is mine, Your Excellency.
- Who's he?
- A Juarista... a rebel.