Vera Cruz

l didn't come down here for the ride.
Aw, come one, take just
a little bite! Come on!

- What do you suppose is wrong with her?
- Try approaching 'em downwind.

Oh, gentlemen.
May l present Captain Danette?
Monsieur Erin, Monsieur Trane.

You'll find something in common
with this gentleman.

As a soldier, he fought with
the American Confederate Army.

Then l feel we'll have little in common.
You see, l've never fought
with a losing side.

That's cos you ain't ever fought him!
He has you there, Captain, l assure you.
Excuse me. The captain will
take care of your needs from now on.

Tell Max we're waitin'!
Your acquaintance with
etiquette amazes me, monsieur.

l had no idea you knew
which hand to use.

When l was no higher than
a hound dog's tail on point,

l had a little tin soldier, about so high.
And one day l lost him... and l cried.
My mother said ''Stop bawlin'. Someday
that soldier's bound to show up.''

And she was right.
You're back.
Joe! Over there!
Careful, monsieur. Some of the wine
is getting in your mouth.