Vera Cruz

Only that they will be
handsomely rewarded.

Do you consider death
a handsome enough reward for them?

lf not from the guns of the Juaristas,
perhaps from the steel
of Your Majesty's lancers.

You may present me
to the courageous little group.

Your Majesty, allow me to...
l implore your indulgence.
They are not familiar with court protocol.

lt is gratifying that you men
are so sympathetic with our position

- that you offer your services to us.
- Let's get one thing clear, Your Majesty.

Our services come high.
l hope the emperor is more interested
in fire power than protocol.

Precisely. Our primary concern is getting
a coach through Juarista country

- to the port at Vera Cruz.
- May l humbly remind Your Majesty

that my lancers will also take part.
Quiet. You failed before.
l beg your indulgence, sire.
But why should these men do any better?

- This is why.
- lndeed.

May l? l am something of a marksman.
Ah, yes...
the new Winchester repeating rifle.

l hear it fires faster than the double-action
pistol, and as far as the eye can see.

Mister, it does everything
but shoot around corners.

Most amusing.
But, of course, a weapon is only
as good as the man who uses it.

Hold on to your hat, Max. And don't
worry about the women and children.