Vera Cruz

But l can think of many uses for it
more civilised than war.

- Ma'am, you're just full of surprises.
- Then let me add another.

- One million's enough for me.
- lt ain't for me.

l'm a pig.
Be a shame not to keep it all in one piece.
Perhaps. But neither of you
can get out of the country alone.

lf the Juaristas captured it,
they could win.

- They ain't gonna capture it.
- You don't know the Juaristas.

They are suspicious already. Even
Maximilian needed me for camouflage.

How come he made
the mistake of pickin' you?

The emperor is very fond of the marquis,
so l made sure
the marquis became fond of me.

Looks like you been thinkin'
about this for a long time.

l have.
There will be a sea captain
to meet me in Las Palmas.

He has a fast ship
up the coast from Vera Cruz.

The marquis know about that?
Unfortunately, as l have
discovered to my embarrassment,

Henri is loyal to his emperor.
But l dare say he would be willing to...
die for Maximilian.

- How do we know we can trust you?
- How do l know l can trust you?

you're beginnin' to talk my language.

- And yours?
- Should be an interesting trip!

l wish you'd stop drawin' around me!
Now, gentlemen.
lt's a long way to Vera Cruz.