Vera Cruz

Hey! You saved my bacon back there!
Sorry l was so slow gettin' to ya.
You'd have been a little slower,
you'd have stood to be richer.

- Maybe l didn't think of that.
- Too bad you never knew Ace Hanna.

Ran a gamblin' joint back in Laredo.
Shot my old man in a stud game
when l was still a kid.

- Ace felt so bad, he give me a home.
- What's it got to do with my savin' you?

Ace said ''Don't take
any chances you don't have to.''

''Don't trust anybody you don't have to.
Don't do no favours you don't have to do.''

Ace lived long enough to know he was
right. He lived 30 seconds after l shot him.

You know somethin'? That's the first time
l ever told anybody the story of my life.

Halt the caravan! Count the casualties!
- Well, if it isn't Papayas!
- Why don't you let a real man try it?

You'll never catch her, Pittsburgh!
What's the matter?
Ain't you gonna scream?

l like 'em when they scream. Maybe you
can bring Ben Trane to the rescue again.

- Ain't that right, Donnegan?
- Right.