Battle Cry

Feeling better?
Where am I?
You'd better take this.
- How did I get here?
- You're at the USO.

Some Marines dropped you off.
Never again.
Thanks a lot for...
...for taking me in.
You'd better get back to camp.
Sleep it off.

I guess I'd better.
Thanks again, Ms...?
Mrs. Yarborough.
- Mrs. Yarborough?
- Yes?

I was wondering if you'd
walk me to the bus depot.

I'm sorry. I'm terribly busy.
Can I ask you something?
I know working one of these clubs
you hear this all the time...

...but I haven't talked to a woman
for almost six months.

I just thought that...
Wash up.
I'll get my coat.
I had a crush on a football
player one time.

How come you live in San Diego
and run the USO club?

The USO keeps me busy.
Vernon... Mr. Yarborough's
what you call a dollar-a-year man.