Battle Cry

Run for it! Ski! Run for it!
Run for it, Ski!

Ski, Ski! Run, run!
How long have I been here?
Three days.
I'm sorry, honey.
I must say, you gave me
a bit of a fright.

You look all beat.
Did you get any sleep?

I caught a wink or two.
You've been through hell.
Nobody's ever done anything
like this for me before.

Andy, I was so frightened.
I'm not keeping any more lamps
in the window...

...or waiting for any more
ships in the bay.

This war has done me in.
I want you while you're here.
That's all that matters, that's all.

It's not right for you to talk like that.
Andy, you're here and you're safe.
I can have you for a little while.

That's all that matters to me,
is this day and this minute.

I'm tired, Andy.
I'm tired of living in fear.