Battle Cry

We were whipped.
If we hit that road again,
I'm dropping out.

That makes two of us.
How about you?

I honestly don't know.
I think I'll sit right here and wait
for them big buses.

I ain't blaming any man in this squad
for dropping out now.

But I'm getting back to McKay
if I gotta go on my hands and knees.

We're finished, Sam.
If we try this last 10 kilometers,
we'll lose half the battalion.

I know what's held them up.
They'll hike because they're mad.
And what's more,
they won't quit because they're mad.

We'll make that last piece on our feet.
You're mistaken, we'll need a miracle.
We may have that too
in just about a minute.

Well, if you men want to sit
and cry with the 1 st Battalion tonight...

...I'll have them send back
those trucks for you.

A lot of people in this division
don't believe we can make it.

What do you think?
When we hit that camp gate...
...let's give them a look
at the best outfit in the Corps!

Left face!
Column left!