Blackboard Jungle

- Boy, you really got it bad.
- You deny it?

- Well, do you deny it?
- You gonna hit me? I'd really like that.

That's all you need, boy. That'll
really wash you up around here.

Come on. Start swinging. Come on.
You go ahead. Come on.

- Why, you black...
- Go ahead and say it.

- You say it. Now, you go ahead and hit me.
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry what I just said, Miller.
There's no excuse.
I just lost my head. I'm sorry.

Truck will be here any minute.
You ready, Louie?

Come on, pay attention when
I'm talking to you, stupid.

We been over it 50 times.
I slug the guy, Pee Wee takes
the wheel. What's so special?

Look, you just stay with him in case
he needs you. That's what's so special.

Look, you drive to the park, dump
the papers and get rid of the truck.

When the guy sells the papers, we meet
back here and divvy up. Got that?

- You sure you got it, now?
- Got it.

Don't worry about it.
Go ahead, blow. Move.
How's the teaching business coming along?
Hey, what's the chance of getting
a job driving a truck like this?