Blackboard Jungle

...and you get your lousy head
blowed right off."

Well, maybe I'll get a year in jail,
and when I come out...

...they don't want Artie West
to be a soldier no more.

- Maybe what I get is out.
- I see.

- Do you, teach? Do you?
- West, you got it all wrong...

Come on, get them off.
Look, you're in my classroom now.
And what I could teach you.

The first lesson is, don't butt in. Just don't.
Or you could flunk out for good.
- Hey, what you got there, teach?
- Music.

- Wasn't that music?
- For the next class.

- What's the matter?
- Ask the disc jockey.

- Records.
- Just keep your hands off of them.

- Beg your pardon.
- Come on, teach, play something.

Old Joshua, he's got a test for us.
Right, Josh?

You see, music is based on mathematics,
and it's just that the next class...

:57:06 a little more advanced.
- We're advanced, teach.

- Two times two is four.
- Are four.

Haven't you heard that music
soothes the savage beast?

- Okay. Take your seats.
- We're crazy about music.

Mr. Edwards, why not play a record,
and then we'll all take the test.

- Sure.
- Please.

- Oh, come on, teach.
- Well...

...all right. This...
This is kind of a rare one. This is Bix
Beiderbeke doing "Jazz Me Blues."

- How about some bop?
- Yeah, bop us, teach.

Listen to this.
Pay attention to that cornet.
Beiderbeke came before James
and Elman and Spivak.

- How about Frank Sinatra?
- Frankie.

- Joni James.
- Come on, get with it, man.

- This is "Cow Cow Boogie."
- All right, keep away from the records.

- Give me the record.
- Sure, teach.