Daddy Long Legs

Will you get my sister-in-law
on the phone, please?

- Who, sir?
- My sister-in-law, Gertrude Pendleton.

Hello, Gertrude.
Tell me. How's Linda?

Who is this?
I don't believe it.
You've been drinking.

No, no. Not a drop. l- I merely called up
to find out about my niece.

Uh, tell me.
How is she enjoying college?

Jervis, this is very peculiar.
Linda is 20 years old, and you haven't
seen her for more than 19 and a half.

Oh, you're so right.
You're so right, Gertrude.

l- I've been the worst
of all possible uncles. I'm sorry.

Uh, say. How about you and me
driving up to see her?

But this is insane. All I wanted you to do
is writeJulie a letter.

Will you keep quiet?
No, no, no. Not you, Gertrude.

l- l-There's a mechanical device
here that produces strange noises.

Uh, w-
Uh, spring dance? Saturday?

Oh. Sounds charming.
Fine. Uh, we'll
drive up together.

Wonderful. Wonderful.
See you then. Good-bye.

But you can't do this. You can't go to
the school and reveal yourself to that girl.

It's violating your-
your promise to Alec.

Griggs, how you do carry on.
I have no intention of revealing myself.

I'm simply going up there
to visit my niece.

And while I'm there,
I'll get a look at my orphan.

Mrs. Gertrude Pendleton on the phone.
Put her on.
Yes, Gertie.
Why, of course it was me
you were talking to a moment ago.

Who else? Who else
but Linda's UncleJervis?