Du rififi chez les hommes

No kidding.
Is it true?
This is a cause for celebration!
- It's gonna be sheer genius!
- Mario, my carpet!

Go to bed, pet.
We have to talk.

Warm up my side.
Good night.
Don't get excited.
I've got conditions.

None of these.
It's too risky.

Get caught with a rod,
and it's the slammer for life.

Maybe I should go back
to my soap bubbles.

Maybe you should.
He in or what?
For me, the rocks in the
window are chicken feed.

We gotta go for the real thing.
The jackpot. The safe!

Sure, it's gonna mean
careful preparation:

Knocking out their alarms,
and, most of all,
getting a safecracker.

Ever heard of Cesar the Milanese?
What's the wait for Milan,

For a job with you, he'll come.
They say there's not a safe
that can resist Cesar,

and not a woman that
Cesar can resist.

How long?
Right away.
Get me 868-861.
But first we make sure
we can fence the goods.

I know just the guy:
Teddy the Levantine in London.

I'm sure he'll go for it.