East of Eden

What was she like? Was she bad?
I guess she...
I never really knew what she was like.
She wasn't like other people.

There was something she seemed to lack.
Kindness, maybe. Conscience.
I never knew what she was after.
CAL: How come she left you?
ADAM: I never knew that, either.

She was so full of hate.
- Hate for you?
- For everything.

You won't tell Aron that she didn't die?
Must not do anything to hurt Aron.
Where'd you get that scar
you got on your shoulder, Father?

I've told you, Cal.
It's an old wound I got
in the Indian campaigns.

- Why do you ask that now?
- What'd she look like? Was she pretty?

She had the most lovely hands.
Like ivory.
She took such good care of them.
Her mother had arthritis.
She was always afraid
it would come to her in her hands.

Talk to me, Father.
I got to know who I am.
I got to know who I'm like.

I got to know...
Where is she?
I'm telling you, truthfully, Cal...
after she left, I never heard from her.
ADAM: Cal, wait.
I want to talk more with you.

If you leave this room now
we may never be able to talk again.

You coming home tonight, Cal?
What's the difference?
You're home. You're the one he wants.

Good evening, Cal.