French Cancan

Come see me in the Casbah!
Not too nervous?
Looks like a rough crowd,
Monsieur Danglard.

I'd sooner enter a cage of tigers.
You have to tame them,
or they'll eat you alive.

Hide your fear
and they'll eat out of your hand.

That's easy to say.
I was born at Sidi Bel Abbes
in the land of beautiful women

My mother was a princess,
and my father said, "Caramba!"
Don't tell me you'd rather
go back to house painting.

I'm sure you're a great whistler.
When I heard you on your ladder,
I knew I could use you.

- Really?
- I'm telling you.

- Will you be in the audience?
- Don't worry. I'll be watching you.

You're doing very nicely.
Go ahead, sweetheart.
There he is!
Is this where the fillies weigh in?
How about taking me on as a jockey?
You're too heavy.
They're over there.