French Cancan

You didn't pay for your room?
I can't hide anything from you.
Off you go now.
They're throwing us out, boss.
Where will we go?

Well, there are plenty of bridges
over the Seine.

- Wait for us at Guibole's.
- Really?

What a tragedy.
Matter triumphs over mind.

If I were a poet,
I'd write a poem entitled

"Soliloquy of the Homeless."
You've got it all wrong.
Once upon a time
Once upon a time
There sat a big, fat
Persian pussycat

Then the concierge gave the cat
Then the concierge gave the cat
a really pretty little rat

Little rats are tasty fare
In hotel rooms
to be crunched up rare

Haven't you gone yet?
You'd better go.
I have packing to do.

What is it?
Waiter, some champagne.
- What's gotten into you?
- I wasn't speaking to you, sir.

Your best.
- Silly girl.
- I forbid you to laugh.