Ikimono no kiroku

To solve the family problems.
Such as divorces, heritages,
arguments, etc.

This is not a easy job.
Dad loves to be a negotiator.
l'm forced to listen to him.
The court starts at 1 :00 today.
To spend the whole afternoon.
l get troubles for myself.
Tokyo Family Court.
Family Problems Migistrates.
You come out here.
You'd know that father-in-law has
been looking after my daughter.

We never have any
unacceptable requests.

My daughter was just born.
You just wait here.
l remind you.

We are from the same hole.
Why do you disturb us?
You are only the son-in-law.
lndifferent from the others.
Although you are not registered.
lt is his blood.
Listen to me.
What is this case relevant to you?
Shut up, listen to me.
l think you need to discuss.
But please listen to me today.
We have to convince dad first.
Otherwise the lawsuit finishes today.
Please stay here for a while.
l said it so clearly.